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Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healtcare Providers (In Person)

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healtcare Providers (In Person)


Certification: 2 years - Issued same day of class.

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Basic life support BLS for healthcare providers is a set of lifesaving techniques and skills designed to sustain or reestablish adequate circulation and breathing in individuals experiencing cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, or other life-threatening emergencies. It is a fundamental level of medical care provided by healthcare professionals to stabilize a patient’s condition until more advanced care can be provided.

Basic life support for healthcare providers is often a requirement for healthcare professionals, like doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other clinical staff. Regular training, certification, and BLS are crucial to ensuring healthcare providers maintain their skills and knowledge in emergency situations.

This is a class for healthcare professionals.
Certification is good for 2 years.